Hi, I'm Hazhar Pani, Welcome to my blog, it's a lookbook of the various things that inspire me. the result of my inspiration can be found in my third year textile/surface design work at University of Bolton. looking forward to you following my progress during my final year at University...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

getting my show together

I've just started printing my designs out, while printing I was painting my board white, after printing has done then I had to cut the edges of the wallpapers so they can go on my show space area.

my collections of wallpapers

I start planing how many collection of wallpaper I am going to have and how many design should be in each collection, but my plan was changing quite often.

All illustrator work for final project

Modern Architecture From The Start

I have started with a pencil outline drawings of modern architectural buildings and took them forward to illustrator and used the geometric pattern to give them a new look to get them ready for my wallpaper collection.

Next job is to build my geometric patterns

I started using different shapes to build the geometric patterns that I'm going to use for my wallpaper designs. I tried to keep the colour palette of my patterns as modern as I can.